What to Do When an Insurance Company Calls You

If an insurance company calls you after a motor vehicle accident, or any type of accident for that matter, and advises you that your hospital visit won’t equal $2,000 dollars and you don’t have enough in medical bills in order to recover for pain and suffering and that somehow, as a courtesy, they will send you a check and a release for a few hundred dollars: Beware! You may be giving up more rights then you realize.

In Massachusetts you must have over $2000 dollars in medical bills to make a claim for pain and suffering. But that does not just have to be for hospital bills. It can be for any bills related to the injuries for the accident, such as chiropractic, physical therapy, pain clinics, orthopedic treatment, etc. Therefore, before signing anything with the insurance company, it is always best to consult with an attorney so you will understand all of the rights available to you under the law and not get cheated out of a settlement.

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