Our firm helps clients with all their immigration needs from obtaining Visas to Green Cards to getting your citizenship. So no matter your immigration problem, we are here to help.

Adjustment of Status/Green Card

Obtaining an Adjustment of Status can be a difficult and confusing process and it requires a specialized and experienced attorney who can manage and deal with different circumstances. Whether you were here on an F1 student Visa or a B1/B2 tourist/business Visa and married a US Citizen, at Brabant & Huynh we will help you obtain your Green Card and Adjust your Status in the shortest time possible. Learn More…

Appeals for Denials of Adjustment of Status

If you have been denied your adjustment of status, you have the right to appeal which can be an arduous and uphill battle. It requires expertise to make the appeal process successful with the USCIS. Whether you were denied based on insufficient evidence or your spouse failed to cooperate with you, at Brabant & Huynh you can consult with our attorneys for the best solution. Learn More…


At Brabant & Huynh, we have helped many foreign nationals become naturalized US citizens. We have seen many of our clients from all over the world raise their right hands and take the Oath of Citizenship. Learn More…

Removing Conditions on Immigration Status

Conditional immigration status for a foreign national is usually the result of marriage to a US Citizen. The USCIS grants a green card to the foreign national on a conditional basis if the marriage is less than two years in length. Time is critical when applying to remove conditional status and there is only a small time frame whereby you may file the petition, the I-751. Learn More…

Client Reviews

I can thank Mr. Brabant enough for working on my case. He was straight forward with any and every question I had. I highly recommend Brabant to all of my friends and family.

Nelson Pina

Mai Huynh, I want to say thank you so much for all your hard work.

Jenny Nhi Nguyen

Attorney Mai and her team went above and beyond to help me with the immigration process to sponsor my family over from another country.

Trish N.

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