What to Do if You Are in an Accident?

Many people think they would know what to do if they were in an accident and that you would have and know everything you need in advance. But you should always be prepared and it is helpful to do the following in case you are involved in an accident.

  • Take pictures of the scene and the property damage of the vehicles if it can be safely accomplished
  • Have your insurance ID card, vehicle registration and list of emergency contacts in the car
  • Have a Flashlight, Flares and Jumper cables
  1. Be Careful and Cautious
    • If drivable, put your car in a safe location, but don’t leave the scene.
    • Ascertain whether anyone is injured. Call 911 for medical assistance.
    • Contact police.
  2. Remain Focused and Calm
    • Don’t be troubled and afraid – remain calm and focused
    • Do not admit fault
    • Speak with the police making sure you convey your side of the story to them.
  3. Exchange information
    • Collect contact information for all who were there, including other drivers, witnesses, and the tow company if your car is towed.
    • Obtain police report information
    • Collect information about all vehicles involved:
      • Year, make, and model
      • License plate number
      • Insurance carrier
      • Insurance policy number
  4. Report the accident

Call your insurance company to report the accident and any injuries that occurred as a result.

Car accidents can be scary situations but it is important to remain calm and do the above steps. After these steps are accomplished it will also help to contact an attorney who can greatly ease the stress of dealing with such personal injury issues and increase your chances of obtaining a settlement for your accident. If you need help with this or any other accident related issues please call the car accident attorneys at Brabant & Huynh LLP at 617-934-0913 for your personal injury where we are located at Quincy and Dorchester and we will be glad to help you evaluate your case and ease the burden of going through the process.

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