The Ever Enigmatic Insurance Adjuster

If you have ever been in an accident and were paid out a certain sum of money in settlement for your pain and suffering you may have an idea as to how the insurance adjuster handling your case arrived at that particular number. I say you ‘may’ have an idea, because pain and suffering is very difficult to quantify and the adjuster will use many a different method to quantify it for you. Pain and suffering is a subjective, intangible and difficult thing to put a number on which is why the process, which may be very standardized is also very inexplicable and enigmatic.

It is key to remember that adjusters work on hundreds of cases at a time and are not humanly capable of wholly sympathizing with each and every accident victim. This is why it is critical to have an attorney, who will gather as much information as possible about your experience, help you to chronicle it accordingly, and present it in the most effective way to the insurance company, so the adjuster can determine what a case is really worth.

Of course there are standards, but each adjuster has his or her own methods of applying those standards to arrive at a valuation for your claim and each will scrutinize or weigh certain details of the case with more attention based on their experience, training and background. This is why understanding the intangible qualities and making them as clear and concrete as possible are critical to the accurate appraisal of your claim.

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