Revealing Previous Car Accidents and other Insurance Claims

A very important question that a car accident attorney should ask his client is whether he has had any previous accidents whereby he was injured. Irregardless of what type of accident it was in the past, it is still highly important to inform your attorney about what previous injuries you have suffered.

This is because all insurance companies have a claims index whereby they can see when they search your social security number how many claims you have ever made and for what type of injury claim it was.

This is why it is extremely critical that when your attorney asks about what previous injuries you have suffered, you recall any and all insurance claims that you have made for injuries. If you fail to divulge this information and, for example, you are in a deposition for your current car accident, and the other attorney asks you whether you had any previous accidents, it is highly likely that he already knows the details of all of your previous insurance claims and by failing to tell the attorney about those previous claims, you will be hurting your credibility in your current case. So when your attorney asks if you were ever injured before, you should try to give him the date of the accident, the type of accident, and any injuries that resulted and be truthful and up front about all of this previous claims.

Therefore, if the insurance companies are not dealing with you fairly with you about your previous injuries, think twice before settling without consulting an attorney. If you need help with a car accident, or any other personal injury issues, please call the auto accident attorneys at Brabant & Huynh LLP at 617-934-0913 for your personal injury where we are located in Quincy and Dorchester and serve the greater Boston area. We will be glad to help you evaluate your case and ease the burden of going through the process.

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