Residential and Commercial Real Estate Purchases

Brabant & Huynh have an active and thriving practice in real estate purchases and sales, aiding clients in their transactions in both buying and selling residential and commercial real estate throughout the South Shore and the Greater Boston region.  Our firm has handled a multitude of purchase and sales of single family, duplex and multiple family homes along with condominium units.  Our firm takes great joy and pride in helping many first time homebuyers purchase their first home, realizing the significant event and turning point this moment is in their lives.   Likewise, we have overseen and helped with the purchase of a commercial space for a business, aiding them in the relocation process.  

The Boston real estate market is a ever changing playing field  that requires an attuned and keen eye for it's idiosyncratic aspects.  We have the experience and wherewithal to take on the issues that present themselves durning these transactions and have handled residential and commercial transactions in the sundry types of property ownership in and throughout Boston and Massachusetts.  

If you are looking into purchasing your first home or buying your umpteenth investment property, Brabant & Huynh will counsel and help you through the whole process.  

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