Removing Conditions on Immigration Status

Conditional immigration status for a foreign national is usually the result of marriage to a US Citizen. The USCIS grants a green card to the foreign national on a conditional basis if the marriage is less than two years in length. Time is critical when applying to remove conditional status and there is only a small time frame whereby you may file the petition, the I-751.

If you have conditions on your Green Card limiting your permanent residency, we will help remove them (i.e. changing a 2-year Green Card into a 10-year Green Card). We will evaluate each situation and give advice while helping you to find the best way to solve each problem, so that all of your conditions will be removed by the USCIS. Whatever the conditions on your Green Card, at Brabant & Huynh you can consult with our attorneys for the best solution.

As our client, we will help you accomplish your goals by:

  • Explaining the process to obtaining your permanent resident status
  • Helping you prepare all of the documents
  • Gathering necessary evidence
  • Conducting mock interviews
  • And more, so you will have the best and most complete file to present to the USCIS officer.

As your immigration lawyer, we have:

  • Free telephone consultation
  • Evening and weekend appointments
  • Offices throughout Southern Boston and the South Shore
  • Reasonable Fees
  • An extremely high success rate

If you need help obtaining an unconditional permanent residency, contact Brabant & Huynh for a FREE Case Evaluation.

Our experienced attorneys will answer your questions and ensure that you receive quality guidance for your goal in obtaining an unconditional permanent residency.

At Brabant & Huynh, we have the experience and expertise necessary to guide you through the complex legal process of obtaining an unconditional permanent residency. We thoroughly develop and document the facts, gathering the necessary evidence, in order to build a strong case so that every aspect of the case is covered and your application is ready for the USCIS.

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