Quincy Car Accidents Rose in 2013

Car accidents in Quincy increased to some extent this past year of 2013, according to the Quincy Heard-Whig at around 4 percent. In 2012, 1,150 accidents occurred which was the lowest in the last 10 years, but rose to more than 1,170 in 2013.

Along with the increase of accidents in 2013, injuries were on the rise as well. According to the statistical data, there were more than 200 accidents resulting in some 270 injuries for the year — an increase of close to 40 injury crashes and nearly 70 injuries from the prior year.

There were three people killed in traffic accidents in Quincy in 2013 with two of them occurring in motorcycle accidents.

This current appraisal of the accident statistics in Quincy should give us pause so that we can reflect on the need for safe and alert driving habits. You must constantly be cognizant of your surroundings – the cars around you, your speed and potential hazards.

Our Car Accident attorneys in downtown Quincy Center and Dorchester know the importance of safe driving habits. Always remember to make sure everyone is buckled in before you shift into drive. Remember to adjust your rear view and side mirrors before going out onto the roadway. Always use blinkers when turning or changing lanes. These few reminders and safety adjustments could wind up saving your life.

Recent Statistics in Quincy:

Quincy city streets saw a slight decrease in traffic accidents in January. There were 110 accidents on city streets during the month, four less than were reported during December. There were 15 accidents that resulted in 18 injuries.

Quincy police officers wrote 53 speeding tickets and 25 seat belt tickets. There were nine DUI arrests, which included two DUI accidents. Speed was a factor in 43 of the accidents during the month. The intersection of Eighth and Broadway near downtown Quincy had the most accidents with three crashes. Five other intersections had at least two accidents.

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