Preparing for a Car Accident Deposition

If you were in a car accident or have fallen victim to any other type of personal injury where you were forced to put the claim into suit and now Defense Counsel for the other driver has sent you a notice of Deposition there are a certain number of tips of practical advice on how to approach this event that you should remember to employ:

First when the Attorney for the other driver who was hired by that person’s insurance company starts asking you questions, make sure that you totally understand every part of the question. If you don’t, say so.

Secondly, If you do know the answer to the question give it in the most straightforward and succinct way possible. Don’t use vague, general and abstract language when you answer, but instead use clear and concrete words that get to the root of the issue at hand.

Thirdly, answer only those things that you personally saw, heard, or did. Do not speculate what others may have thought, heard or done unless those thoughts or actions were communicated to you so that you do have personal knowledge of them.

Lastly, keep a cool head. The attorney is bound to ask questions that feel invasive, personal, and perhaps insulting, but just remember, breathe deep and be calm and don’t argue with the other attorney. If you follow these tips you should be on your way to doing a good job at your deposition.

Therefore, if the insurance companies are not dealing with you fairly when you have pain and forcing you into suit to obtain your just settlement, think twice before settling without consulting an attorney. If you need help with a car accident, or any other personal injury issues, please call the auto accident attorneys at Brabant & Huynh LLP at 617-934-0913 for your personal injury where we are located in Quincy and Dorchester and we will be glad to help you evaluate your case and ease the burden of going through the process.

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