Car Accidents and Bodily Injury Claims

If someone is injured in a car accident in Massachusetts, there is something called the Tort Threshold that must be met in order to present an injury claim against the responsible driver’s insurance company for the person’s injuries. The threshold is $2000 dollars in medical bills. If the bills are less than $2000 dollars, no bodily injury claim may be made against the responsible vehicle’s insurance. The injured person’s PIP or no fault insurance will simply cover the bills: case closed.

But if the bills are $2000 or greater, that person may make a claim against the at fault parties insurance company. The no fault laws preclude you from making a claim for pain and suffering damages against the party responsible for causing a car accident unless you meet the tort threshold. The threshold is met when you suffer a broken bone, an injury that causes a disfiguring scar, a permanent eye injury, permanent hearing damage, or have medical bills that total more than $2,000. If you meet this threshold, you may make a personal injury or tort claim against the person who caused the crash.

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