Google Glass Enhances or Distracts Driving? Politicians and Tech Reps Debate

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Author: Joshua Brabant

In a recent article by NPR, Does Google Glass Distract Drivers? The Debate is on, The question of whether Google Glass will have a substantially enhancing or distracting effect on drivers is considered. One focus of the article is the new legislative body that is rising around this new technology. Ira Silverstein, a Democratic state senator from Illinois is quoted by saying, “Yeah, it’s hands-free, but it can affect your vision” and he has drafted “a bill that says using Glass distracts drivers. “The first offense would be a misdemeanor. The second offense if, God forbid causes death, could be a felony.””

The power and sway of the car insurance companies have not come down of one side yet regarding their position on Glass, but so far eight states ”have proposed legislation banning the use of Google Glass on the road. In West Virginia, Republican state Delegate Gary Howell says lawmakers need to act before Glass gets out of hand.”

Some people may think that these laws are restricting the use of a device that would enhance and even help with the driving experience. The company itself is sending lobbyists around the country to educate others about the product.

One particular spokesman for Google, Chris Dale, says Glass can actually help drivers. ”It’s actually not distracting, and it allows you — rather than looking down at your phone, you’re looking up and you’re engaging with the world around you. It was specifically designed to do that: to get you the technology you need, just when you need it, but then to get out of your way.”

If and when car accidents occur while the driver is wearing Google Glass, liability issues will certainly arise that will have a significant effect on apportioning fault and finding causation between the negligence of the driver and the effect of the device on the driver. The next few years will tell of how this plays out in the court system with litigation revealing how this product is understood: one that enhances or distracts the driving experience.

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