Car Slides Down Embankment Behind Quincy BJ’s

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Author: Joshua Brabant

The Patriot Ledger reported that a car while on Crown Colony Drive in Quincy veered off the road and “slid down the embankment behind the BJ’s…and hit a parked car.” Thereafter, two people were taken to the South Shore Hospital for their injuries.

Unexpected events like this occur more than we realize and the Quincy Attorneys at Brabant & Huynh LLP understand the need for drivers to be properly insured when incidents like this occur, so that any loss that results is properly and adequately covered.

And not only is coverage an imperative and critical concern, but also the cooperation of the insurance companies involved to pay out their respective coverages in a fair and timely manner for the benefit of the insured and his claimants. This is an issue of great importance to the people involved who want nothing more than to be put back in the position they were in before the accident. This is why it is of the utmost importance to consult with an attorney before you speak with your insurance company: so your attorney can help protect your interests and make sure nothing gets taken out of context to help you retain the value of your case.

If you need help with a car accident or have a coverage question please call the car accident attorneys at Brabant & Huynh LLP at 617-934-0913. We are located in Quincy and Dorchester and we will be glad to offer you a free evaluation and ease the burden of going through the process.

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Attorney Mai and her team went above and beyond to help me with the immigration process to sponsor my family over from another country.

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