Amica Insurance Claims and Settlements: A Car Accident Lawyer’s Perspective

Amica Mutual Insurance Company is an American Mutual Insurance company which sells automobile, homeowners, marine and personal umbrella liability insurance and was founded in 1907. It has its headquarters in Lincoln, Rhode Island, and is one of the few remaining large-scale mutual insurance firms that consistently ranks highly in JD Power and other consumer satisfaction rankings.

Reviewing our past cases with Amica and speaking with other accident lawyers, it seems that the general consensus is that Amica’s adjusters set forth reasonable settlement offers. Most of our Amica cases settled either before or shortly after filing a lawsuit because they were willing to take into consideration all of the plaintiffs issues concerning pain and suffering and work with the amount demanded. Therefore many of the cases have tended to settle quickly before the expenses of discovery, especially depositions and expert witnesses began to accrue.

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